Edu Silva

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1ªAvenida - Dinamização Económica e Social da Baixa do Porto was an artistic initiative sponsored by Porto’s City Hall in collaboration with AXA, an insurance brand based in Paris.
The 1ªAvenida project started in 2012 and occupied number 212 of Av. dos Aliados AKA the AXA Building, as well as its adjacent streets.
Presently being converted into an hotel, this massive building was built in the 1950’s and before that, the practice court of Porto’s basketball team was located on that very same space. And during a short period between 2012 and 2015 (the year the 1ªAvenida project was shut down) the AXA Building was the biggest artistic venue in downtown Porto. It served as a stage for emerging bands as well as a gallery for both upcoming and established artists to display their work.

But most of all, it was a place of social gathering.